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Queen International N. 66 2008


Tom Kroboth was born in Vienna, Austria, 8 March 1969.
He began the job of hairdresser from below: in 1985 Tom Kroboth began an apprenticeship as acconciatore with Intercoiffeur Ossig Vienna, which ends in 1988. In 1990 begins vocational education specialist in the field and dell'avanguardia show with the exhibition Grecht Vienna.
His staff not only leads the exhibition Gerhard Meier of Monaco, but Vidal Sasson also to Hamburg. During the following 6 years he was taught the only Technical cutting Vidal Sasson and, after two years, was also appointed Director Creative. In this new job is responsible development of the trend, shows, international seminars and internal training. Since 2000, Tom Kroboth works as an artist of hairstyles and makeup free-lance with BIGOUDI to Hamburg and you create a name in fashion national and international advertising and media productions. Above is responsible for the production of countless photo for Gard. A number of events fashion, for example Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Strenesse and Vivienne Westwood, Tom Kroboth convinces successfully look at and with modern look by walkway as well as with individual styles.
It is distinguished by easily revive, reinterpreting and developing styles hairstyles classical belonging to different decades in a modern way. Even artists recognized internationally as David Copperfield, Heike Makatsch, Liza Minelli, and Eva Padberg Jil Sander receive advice and recommendations of Kroboth style. In 2004 Tom Kroboth is joined Aveda and was appointed Director Creative of 'Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa Berlin. It is responsible for providing direction creative shop flag of Aveda.
Kroboth further becomes known internationally when he was appointed Artistic Director of Aveda August 15, 2006.
In close collaboration with Antoinette Beenders, the Creative Director of Aveda, and David Adams, Technical Director of Artistic Aveda, becomes responsible for the style and training of Aveda Lifestyle salons. Moreover, is at the head of creative direction of European Academies of Aveda and operates as Representative style for Aveda in Europe.
The brand's most exclusive career of Tom Kroboth is without doubt its success to German Hairdressing Awards. In 2005 Vanguard wins in the categories and Men, the following year in the categories Vanguard, Press and Women of Northern Ireland. Again, in 2007, shaking in his hands as the trophy winning in the categories and Vanguard Print. Vincendo the prize for Vanguard the third consecutive time, is the second designer admitted all'agognato Exhibition of Fame, honouring hairdressers high-ranking industry German hairstyles. Also Kroboth internationally convinces with his ideas. From AIPP Awards in 2007 emerge as the best hairdresser of Vanguard and won the second place in the category Best of Men. In the summer of 2008 is rewarded as the best of acconciatore world with the Great Trophy AIPP 2007-2008, thus following the footsteps of some of the stylists more important.
What interested you at the beginning of your profession? When I was a child, I used to dress and cut the hair of dolls for my sister, something that you obviously did not like…
How were your early years in this ?
I worked as an apprentice in the salon hairstyles classic Vienna and I attended a number of selections in Austria ... Where do your ideas of style? I take inspiration virtually everywhere -- fashion, music, art, history, economy, roads -- And while I'm traveling.
About admire today? I admire all the designers who constantly improve their techniques, ideas and collections. Please tell your forecasts mode to this season.
I am sure the short cut back again fashion as can be seen in gangways all events fashion, it is a trend also known that among my clients.
How do you think that will change the styles that create in the future?
I do not think that my styles change in future, but I like to inspire other designers to continue to work developing the their ideas, techniques and creativity.
How do you keep updated with the latest Creative trends?
I supervised the latest magazines fashion, bridges and the cinema. However are no longer so attentive to trends, rather I prefer to focus my attention on the perception of hair.
What is fashion for you?
Fashion is a way to express personality someone and offers many opportunities to be creative… What some believe to be the main differences between the work of European designers? I consider Germany a great place to Regarding the technical professional cut and style, a modern way to create hairstyles. London is more focused on hairstyle .. Italy and Spain can be considered specialists of long hair dell'asciugatura and a hair dryer. However I think that in this Europe continues to grow together…
What you passionate about this profession?
I love making people happy! What is your guiding philosophy? Before learning the techniques and how to apply them, then you can become creative.
What results vai most proud of? Having won recognition in designer worldwide.
What's your secret to make happy customers? Listen, listen, listen… What are your personal goals for the future? I look and see what the future has in store. Of course I dream, who knows…
How do you see the woman of today?
I miss the woman who dressed and appeared fantastic as it was in the 40s or '60. The times are different but women should be proud to be female and sexy. However, I believe that the trend is a changing some hours, fortunately.
What are the main differences between a acconciatore and a designer of success? Only a acconciatore that is truly passionate its work will be a successful fashion designer. What is the secret of your success? I put great passion in what I'm doing! What gives you more inspiration?
Discuss my ideas with unusual friends.
In your opinion, you must travel to stay at the top of your profession?
For me travel is very important.
When assisto events in various fashion parts of the world can work with best stylists and I learn a lot from them.
What is the country later in absolute in the field of style?
I love London since draw so much inspiration from this city simply walking along the streets or in clubs going.
What was the most important satisfaction you received during your career? The first time I met Vidal Sassoon. And of course win the Grand Trophy AIPP: that great honour to see my name close to all those fantastic winners previous!
How denomineresti your style?
For my look at me like consider hair as a material, just as an artist. For more mainstream look I focus on technical and professional perfect combining them with beauty.
As the relationship with your employees? Can I get success only with a group strong and professional.
What tendi to recommend more frequently your customers, cut or color? And what you ask most frequently? Prediligo cuts. However recommend to concentrate in either thing.
How often do your customers come from you? Depends. I work with clients who are every six weeks, others who come every three months. However a good cut should never be really off form.
Imagine that you are asked to divide your customers into categories: what is the category that gives you more satisfaction?
Customers who give me confidence and know that the result will be good. But I feel a great challenge when I'm in front of customers "difficult" (if ever there are): I love them happy!
Do you believe that today is more important for a woman be well dressed or have 'the head-to-place'? The hairstyle: the wearing all day… What is your message to Queen International "?
Learn from the profession dell'acconciatore nothing, keep your eye trained and fai attention to detail.

The urchins of the model need a new form. Hair is gone cut off and there is need more volume inside.
2. Graph the facility - On the domestic front, layers are increased overlapping layers uniform. Later lengths Graduate overlap a hair shorter in the area of the neck. Strata is well uniform extending from the sides towards the crown.
3. Sezionate a diagonal line from the left on the apex of the head slightly toward the right rear of the center of the ridge. From there created a diagonal line high to the left of the neck and a diagonal line low to the right of the neck. Sezionate the inside from the right Faced above the apex of the head to the tip left ear.
4. On the left side of the neck, creating a deep diagonal line toward the rear. With his head straight, perpendicular distributed and projected to a high angle. Place your fingers and modeled in parallel with the razor. Continue using a line until they reach half the section.
5. Use the line in mid-section as a reference line. Do converge the next rows while positioned your fingers not parallel for an increase in length to the right. Continue through the section.
6. Under the left rear create a vertical line behind the ear. Put your fingers vertically and used the tip of the razor to sculpt segments shorter hair inside the line. Modellate the remaining lengths from top to bottom line parallel to your fingers.
7. Work up to reach the attachment to the right front lines with design Multiple creating a gradual increase in length toward the right.
8. Create a vertical line at the right ear. Put your fingers vertically and modeled in parallel with the razor creating a line. Do hair dall'attaccatura converge toward the front and rear modelled with the razor in parallel. Create a back-row diagonal 1 "(2.5 cm) behind the right ear, do converge lengths forward and modelled with razor parallel with the same line.
9. The design shows a row along the front attachment along the left side. Create vertical stripes on the left side and main lines from one point of origin at.
10. Then, take a line width to 1.25 cm-long attachment front left. Modellate razor with vertical stripes arranged individual and hair at 90 ° to create short lengths uniform. Work from the front to the bases. 11. Scolpite the section left internal taking lines with vertical projection 90 degrees and your fingers placed near the tips. Modellate with razor the Media section up on the tip lengths to create well-structured. Scolpite what remains of the view.
12. Use a guide length by the crown and create a vertical line dall'apice. Put your fingers for an increase in length to his forehead.
Modellate with razor parallel to your fingers. Use a reference line, create a main line and work towards the right side.
13. The design shows the disposition of an off-center triangle at the internal right and braids lights in the crown. Both the section that the lights were pre-schiariti using lightening powder to 30 volumes (9%). 14. Rinse and dry hair. Create a strip towards the front of Section pre-cleared. Apply the color blonde clear Standing at 20 volumes (6%).
15. Create another diagonal. Apply the color permanent golden with 10 volumes (3%).
16. Apply the color with golden Standing 10 volumes (3%) to strip later. Then, applied the color blonde level 9 to clear remaining hair this section.
17. Apply the color blonde level 9 clear to the parties intertwined close to crown. Treat, rinsed, applied balm and shampoo before proceeding with the hair.

It is a collection of mood central to Antonio Marras. It alternate strict dress clothes to exquisitely female, rich embroidery and unpredictable drapes, making the romantic gray smoke. The men's suits tighten up the silhouette, while calling it with style, but the rest of the collection is soft on a palette of dove, pink and powder.
It is a balanced synthesis of rigour and sensuality last collection by Donatella Versace. The clothes are snappy, charges in hues from purple to fuchsia to yellow and sartorial design on forms and volumes. In the evening explodes glamour: long dresses in jersey and chiffon in color squillanti as amethyst, cyclamen, yellow neon, embellished by asymmetries and discreet embroidery.
The new collection Blugirl hide wool we rediscover the cardigans and pullovers Norwegian, a cape flakes, the cap jersey with the board fur calzamaglie the big gloves and wool until the elbow. To make life more female contributes the shade of creamy powder, but the sweetness is also reflected in the black. Tornano then dresses dissolved the "Années Fitzgerald" and the golden shoes or with silver straps, but above and opaque stockings under layers of cashmere. To cover their backs a series of delightful cappottini with martingale, waistcoats fur and mantelline.
Here, instead, look for the rich, famous and beautiful un'overdose fallen into sex, drugs and celebrity: Frenkie Morello collection speaks of excesses, screams inconveniences, tells stories of broken lives through symbols and carved lettering on clothes origami. Beyond the game, the collection is built on three-dimensionality lucidissima paint and worked with waves, on sequins used as scales on laserati carvings, on the edges of marabù on taffetà multilayer. Naked of the dark-rebel-pop, the collection is portable: cappottini combined the silhouette, suits with square wrists fur minidresses effect pixels, the trench line in pencil, jackets with the maxi cap, from smoking jackets without sleeves.
The collection winter Missoni is a hymn to architectural construction of the garments, all played around rounded forms and circulars or asymmetric and very enveloping, hailed as couture fabric double cloth and cashmere approached the mink bicolour which often also creates volumes kimono or becomes a skirt. Blocks of color, from peacock to raspberry, from pistachio oil, smorzati grey and from black stand out on clothes and sweaters from the forms to sacks on intarsiate mesh with floral motifs or mohair plain, on hoods with ponchos in nappa cap dubbed skirts and silk cut spiral.
The woman travels Armani, you see, absorbs, is inspired, but maintains its classic style ever. Its short jackets and its soft trousers, his shoes without heel and his clothes on the small bust and wide on skirt, its sober colors and its sophisticated prints. I ethnic references are evident, with a particular eye Orient in a Gipsy. As usual the structures Heads are master packages important and often asymmetric, clothes evening precious trimmings: Instead the new coats evening jersey fasciante but not thick, and shirts silk flounces plissettata color anthracite.
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